Thursday, February 16, 2017


French rap ("Frap") has a long, inglorious history of schoolteachers tryna pull a Dangerous Minds (1995) and rly get thru 2 tha kids. Or maybe you slurpin on some 'scargot at a charming li'l bistro only you and other savvy urbanites know about, sippin some of that Bordeaux tryna get your Piaf on, but the restaurateur has Huang-Bronsonian pipe dreams of making it as a hip-hop foodie, and as you receive a plate of foie gras shaped in the Wu-Tang W, MC Solaar comes on the victrola rapping about John Ford.

Shit is weak any way you slice the baguette. This Cheu B & Pon2Mik joint is something of a bangeur tho, borrowing standard Atlantan trap moves and garnishing it w/ a melancholy piano loop. Blame Franco Montana for this sick development of cultural hegemony and imperialism*. Cheu B collabed wit Rich Homie Quan, so you know it's only a matter of time before Paris gets its own Magic City.

Promising I'll never write about German rap ("Grap"), RAP MSUCIS HSYTERIA rides away into the unknown.
* Pon2Mik is actually from Guadalupe, but all French people look alike so w/e.


  1. I heard the misfortune of hearing the Kraut version of Non Phixion the other day. It's ya boy Morlockk Dilemma!

    That MHD guy who does the Afro Trap series is somewhat listenable for le Frog rap. I just pretend he's an English mandem rappin' in tongues on Afro Trap (Champions League.

    1. That Morlockk fella gave me a hearty LOL. Even tho the languages are more closely related, German rappers inserting English words/phrases somehow sound more ridiculous than French rappers doing it.

  2. mumble rap blurring languages together