Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So yo, by now it's a cliche to hate on rap skits.  It's like a big joke but not in the intended way.  And if you really wanted to be arch and ironic you could write something about how great rap skits are.  Ain't gonna lie, most of da time I'm goin with the party line and saying, "Nah, fuck skits."  It's only on the best rap albums that skits are  good cause they establish a mood and you always remember where and when you was listenin to this dumbass skit on this great rap album.  So this ain't no apologist shit for skits.  Skits is what skits is.  But that don't mean there ain't good skitgs.  This could be a series or maybe I won't update dis shit for another month or never again, Iunno.  Yeah.

So dis GHOSTFACE KILLAH joint.  "Heart Street Directions (Skit)" off Fischcale.  I can't find it on Youtube so y'all got look it on on Google or somethin.  Some chick is like, "You know how to get to Heart Street?" and ol' Ghostface is like oh you gotta turn left on Vagina Street and go down the Hershey Highway and make a u-turn on Butt Avenue and do something called "run into Walls."  And the chick listen the whole time.  Like wouldn't you think after he talked about Vagina Street she woulda been like, "Ok I get what this guy is about time to walk away from this sexual harrassment."  But naw she listen to him talkin about Tits Project and his man Balls.  Yo Toney, leave ya man balls BALLS out of it -- he a dignified cat.  This one always got me and the boys cracklin on the skislopes so big ups to GHOSTFACE for some ill retardedness!