Saturday, October 10, 2015


That's definitely me in the corner. But could that really be me in the spotlight, losing my capacity to enjoy new rap music? After spending a good portion of my day listening to things I hadn't heard, I still could not find a song better than this one. Thanks to ANU for reblogging Murk, without whom I would have continued ignoring Johnny Cinco and Hoodrich Pablo Juan based on their nondescript-ass rap names. Present company excluded, Atlanta has been hiding a pretty shite year behind the extended victory laps of Future and Young Thug. Here are the songs I listened to that weren't as good as this one, accompanied by takes so hot u gwan need ya oven mitts.

Blac Youngsta - Heavy
Ernest Homie Quan Goes To The Memphis Trap

Colonel Loud ft. Ricco Barrino & Young Dolph - California
Admittedly, I would rather hear this lite funkiness on the radio than another anemic Drizzy grouse-fest.

T.I. ft. Young Thug - Peanut Butter Jelly
Was hoping for a Buckwheat Boyz tribute, but this was still OK. Regardless of quality, every new T.I. song is a bitter reminder that we can never return to the scowling ectomorph with the thick drawl and Adebisi headgear.

Tate Kobang - Bank Rolls
Cool song compromised irretrievably once I heard the original.

2Milly - Milly Rock
Shmoney Dance Redux, with half the fun.

Topdolla Sweizy - I Got Ice
DC rap is a decades long identity crisis.

Lil George - Sauce
Were the creative heights of 808 Mafia worth the years of garbage that followed?

Yung Stakks - Stakk Money
This one is kind of catchy and there are tits in the video.

DJ Drizzle Ft. Young Butta & Lil Spigg - Money Dance
Well...they look like they're having fun. Video features rare and secrete footage of Cincinnati brick buildings.

Scarface ft. Rush - Steer
Face can do whatever the fuck he wants at this point, but this particular roll of the dice is indefensible. Old rappers sweat EDM like 50 year-olds in PR departments sweat social media.

Pooh Hefner ft. Pretty Boy & Iamsu! - Riden Through The Rich
Unremarkable but enjoyable slap.


  1. I fuxwit They Gave The Wrong Young N*gga Money by Johnny Cinco.

    Fuck the official video, though, the prequel lyric video is canon.

  2. Unauthorized footage & typeface game on flex!