Monday, November 30, 2015


Before sizzurp went mainstream and molly became a rap meme, rappers generally disapproved of all drug use except reefers. 50 Cent went Ted Nugent on the game, claiming he'd never smoked weed beyond a contact high, while writing off "High All The Time" as a shrewd act of demographic pandering. Part of the reason 50 was able to shit all over Ja Rule's career so easily is cause he rapped openly about being a lovey-dovey sensualist rollin on X pills. Unless you was smokin L's with ya boys reminiscin on the trife life, getting high was generally looked upon as something for the Tommy Tuckers.

So considering the climate, I couldn't help but raise my Peter Gallaghers when an artist as big as B.G. was open about snorting dope. New Orleans is different like that. Under the names Lil Doogie and Baby D, B.G. and Lil Wayne would dis Partners-N-Crime, but they shared at least one thing in common: a love of opiates. "Herion," probably the only ode to shootin 'boy with an R. Kelly interpolation, is a G-Funk creeper in the vein of the Chronic interludes, juxtaposed with a sudden intrusion of the singsong bounce flow. Rap just a nationwide game of raquetball, ya smell me? The title is either a misspelling or a nonstandard phonetic spelling of heron, but junkies are better known for stealing hubcaps than their grammar. Their logic ain't much better. Give me some heron please / Cause powder makes me sneeze? you, playa. So sterilize ya works, fix yaself a shot of somethin fire, and nod out to the PNC! Tell the methadone clinic RAP MUSIC HYSTERIA sent ya!


  1. prime suspects "tweakin" is another one --->

    turk was down as well according to "druggin & thuggin" off his recent tape

    1. Never heard that Prime Suspects, nice.

      Turk claims to have introduced B.G. to the joys of shootin heron and coke.

  2. Soulja Slim was always an advocate of heron in various songs of his.

  3. and of course he was on UNLV's Pocket Full of Furl before that

  4. One of the best anti-coke rap anthems is still Funk Mission by 8Ball & MJG :

    So dope, AH.

    That said in the 90´s so many rappers would be smokin their minds off all kinds of dust and PCP and what have you, they just wouldn´t necessarily put it so much forward in their songs. Lots of NY and Houston rappers loved that crazy eddie stuff for exemple.

  5. Good point on the dust. Growing up in the Big Lurch era, it's crazy for me to hear how commonly some of the old heads used PCP.

  6. I think some of the NY guys as well, like some WU dudes, loved the stuff that makes your brain go POP. Angel Dust was so proeminent in NY in the 80´s to early 90´s, I wouldn´t be so surprised if more than one rapper from that time and era used to get blowed on the DL.