Friday, July 26, 2013


So yo, if there's one thing you can say about me (but be careful when you speak my name), you can say, "He likes rap music."  See my bio on the sidebar (new feature btw!)?  It says, "i like rap music."  When I die, my tombstone will probably read, "He liked rap music.  If there's an afterlife, he still does." So it's difficult for me to conceive that some people do not like rap music.  Here is an interview with one such character who rudely asked me to turn down my music when I was just bumpin some LIL ZANE for the rest of the bus to enjoy.

RMH: State ya name, son.
HATIN ASS FUCKBOY: My name is Wiley P. Finkmeyer.
RMH: You don't like rap music?
HAF: No.
RMH: Why?
HAF: Just never resonated with me.  I prefer jazz, rock 'n' roll, rhythm and --
RMH: (interrupting) Oh so you a racist?
HAF: No!
RMH: Yes you are.
HAF: No I'm not  My mom is half black.

 At this point, RMH may or may not have put a knife blade to HAF's throat.

HAF: I'm not a racist!
RMH: Yes you is!
HAF: No I'm not!
RMH: Yes you is!  You's a racist!  I bet you think black people always be eatin puddin pops while wearin sweaters.  I bet you think Latinos be wearin sombreros and Chinese people live in giant woks.

RMH rips open HAF's blazer.

RMH:  What this is?  This ya Klan uniform?
HAF: It's an Oxford shirt!
RMH: Don't lie to me, boy!
HAF: Fine, fine!  I'm racist!

RMH puts knife away and sits down politely.

RMH: Well personally, you racists make me sick.  This is a post-racial society.  Come join us, it's enlightened here in the 21st century.

So there you have it, straight from da horse's mouth.  People who don't like rap music are RACIST!

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