Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Outside of some deadbeat dad facetime wit the Kilt tapes, ya boy keep up with HBK like I did Breaking Bad. Every time I'm exposed I'm like, "Yeah, ok, I should check mo of dat out," but then I go about my business pullin credit card scams and mail fraud. Maybe they just too clean cut, you feel? Ya boy an extremely angry and insecure person, and I need to listen to Bay Area slapperonis that's both cock diesel AND aggressively heterosexual, or my brittle identity go splat like it's fuckin dominoes.

I fucks wit P-Lo's low-budget jack of the Bieber video where motherfuckers drew shit all over him. You could even argue he's riding Kendrick's wave with callbacks to the "Alright" video's mobbin-thru-the-streets scenes, but really he's just takin back what's his after K. Dot did Ezale like Madonna did those Paris Is Burning queens in the "Vogue" video. It's refreshing to see P-Lo & co. gettin mainey in the streets of a city that's turning into a litterbox of rich yuppies and old dopefiends with unfashionable beards, even tho his ethnic ambiguity makes me uneasy. Still, Ima blast this from my Toyota Tercel, doors way ajar, as I shed mad tears for the collapse of all meaning in absence of a codified racial system. Chuuuuch.

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