Friday, January 15, 2016


I fuck wit Pablo Skywalkin cause the yung lord only has one speed. He always cranked up to 11maybe even 12! This the kinda music for when you do back-to-back toots with each nostril to take the edge off the Spice you been smokin all day, then you tilt your AKs at the sky and do a lil murder dance cause you think you're Leprechaun In The Hood, but really you're just playing Xbox Mk. 1 in some low-level molly salesman's economy apartment (RIP to the City Inn. I'll never forget you.). Lemmy might be gone, but his spirit lives on in the chemically imbalanced youth of Detroit. Although we are responsible rap analysts here at Rap Music Hysteria, a website given to outlandish analogies might compare the current Detroit scene to a rap game NWOBHM. These guys got pre-workout coursing through their veins, and we need that since Waka been shacked up with Steve Aoki.

Speakin of Rocky's scion, "Ruth [sic] Chris" is the climax of Underdawg Story's obsession with the semiotics of snackin—using, in particular, mid-range/higher-end chain restaurants as the vehicle—tho here he drops Benihana as status marker and rides the fingerlings to steakhouse flavorville. Ayo, someone get this man a Darden Group giftcard! Like a bloomin onion, you know what you're gettin with Pablo, but if you happen to like that flavor—yo, that shit's umami.


  1. Still pisses me off how there's no MP3 of All Facts other than a dutty YouTube rip on Soundcloud.