Saturday, April 16, 2016


Huzzah! The Stresmatic video I've been waiting on has arrived, forsooth! When the 16-second trailer arrived on April 1st, I wondered if it wasn't all an elaborate April Fools joke. Nevertheless, I was inspired enough to jot down the following lines in my Jay Electronica moleskine: "Promises to be the best video of the year (or at least the best Bay Area use of green screen since DB's 'Gas Chamber'). Prayin for a Rick Moranis cameo, but I'll settle for Bug Hall."

Promise fulfilled. The concept is simple: Matic smokes cannabis so potent he shrinks down to the size of common household objects. Finally a video for those of us who get p-noid off the herb. Might be the first rap video featuring a bottle of Dove Moisturizing Conditioner; definitely the first rap video to feature a rapper riding a sponge. But yo, I can't say it no better than Thizzler's youngMONC, who summarizes the video as "a whole bunch of Stresmatic gigging all over the place."

Matic The LP remains one of my favorite releases of the year.  The kids can have their Lil Boat and I can have mine. So what if I think his reductivist genre games have more in common with the smart-dumb absurdism of Motörhead or the Ramones than Wesley Willis? At the end of the day, we all sniffin from the same pot of glue.


  1. Hey, thanks for getting me into music videos again, Rap Music Hysteria! I mean S.E. And for getting me driving again. I saw your post on the Gas Chamber video while I was on Amtrak to Sacramento, and the sight of those old Texaco pumps inspired me to bring my car back from the dead (/Washington State) and get my drivers license back. (Actually, my license isn't back yet technically, but I do have my car again! Ha ha!)
    And then THIS video inspired me to start using my badger hair shaving brush again.
    This blog rules.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. Glad ya readin' Tesse. Hope to hear from you soon.