Thursday, April 28, 2016


Been traversing the past so intensely, I got snow in my goggles and missed out on 420 Project Vol. 2, the NhT Boyz mixtape that dropped last week. Honestly, ya boy ain't the biggest fan of weed raps. Its legalization in certain states, and the monetization of a formerly outlaw market, has turned getting high into a respectable pastime and career. Wiz Khalifa is Sammy Hagar singing about tequila. Snoop's blunt is Bob Hope's golf club.

But when a group is involved, the drain-circling of a man trapped by stage persona alchemizes into the excitement you felt when you and ya boys was rollin' lopsided joints in the back of a hooptie driven by a 35 year-old man named Jesús. It's a rap truism: the tight-knit group is always greater than the solo artist. The tape sags toward the end, but not before pandering to my taste with two Cash Money homages. Ima leave it to this Soundcloud user to describe the sound of NhT Boyz breaking into the "Get Your Roll On" chorus:
Groups planning to make another mixtape about smoking weed, please consider writing a concept album about steak and shrimp.


  1. I like the cover! Reminds me of when I got super high once and thought my head had turned into the number 4.
    I was anti-weed raps until I listened to "Budsmokers Only" and Twankle and Glisten's "For The Weed Smokers" compilation on headphones while I was sober on vacation last Christmas, driving around New Zealand with my family in a rented minivan. It was a great time. Now I'm not, anymore. (Anti-weed raps, I mean.) I like to listen to them when I'm not high, to get me excited for getting high in the future.
    "Wood Burn" is a great weed smoking rap!
    Also, you've really been crushing it with the analogies and imagery recently. What kind of shit have YOU been smoking, man? Ha ha!

  2. Been straight sober, dawg (except for the alcohol).

    I do like weed raps when they transcend the weedhead niche. I think this one is such a case.

  3. I was just being annoying with that last question. It is interesting to find out the combinations of drugs people do, so I'm glad I asked it. Seems like rap bloggers, in general, are not big weed fans.

    1. (This comment is missing the word "though.")
      Also, while I'm ruining your post with these comments: Do you know any weed raps that represent the "quantity over quality" point of view. Because that's my point of view and I think it would be refreshing!! But I can't rap.

  4. You mean songs about smoking mids or whatever? Not off the top of my head, but I'm sure they exist.

  5. lol @ Bob Hope's golfclub