Saturday, September 8, 2012



Sup to all the muckrackers and fly sensationalists.  RAP MUSIC HYSTERIA finna do the damn thing.  Ya boy been popping bottle after bottle of Ace of Spades at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, but bloggin is in my blood, son.  I used to stand on the corner late at night, leaning against the lamppost at zero-below, vapors comin out with each breath, boys in blue patrollin my block, just bloggin so I could put some food on the table to feed my lil daughter.

So yo, earlier I wrote about A$AP ROCKY's merely aight new song, "Purple Kisses," and I stand by that judgment.  But yo, the A$AP MOB compilation, Lord$ Never Worry, got some joints on it!  And once again, the dude A$AP FERG steal the show.  Y'all remember this fool on "Kissin Pink," where he imbued that shit with some BIG MOE style sizzurp sangin, and really brought the whole Houston/SCREWED UP CLICK meets NY aesthetic together.

On dis new track he just tantalizes dis blogger even more (no homo).  FERG drops dem ill rhymes in a slightly more conventional style on top of a somber understated piano RZA type beat.  Shit, boy.  Stealin da show once again!  And his daddy designed da BAD BOY logo?  Blood run deep, no joke.  Me n my daddy finna ski through powdery provences together once I meet him at da crossroads.  I guess I should call him and tell him I'm finna be 10-15 mins late.  Chuuuuuuuuuuuch!

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