Thursday, September 6, 2012



What's rilly real with your life?  I'm talking to you - the bulbous bitches and corn-shucking hatemongers, the understated diddy-boppers sitting on deuce deuces of cardboard and tin foil, the delicate aesthetes sticking suppositories of coke up they bootyhole for that instant, fast-acting high.  Woop woop!

So yo, this kid FUTURE recently come out wit some "whoa shit, I high as fuck on that molly, not sure if I wanna sang or rap" shit and the internet and, you know, "real" "life" and shit been goin' nuts!  I can see why, dawg!  Da kid got a fresh style, fresh beats courtesy of dudes like MIKE WILL and ZAYTOVEN...what da game been missin, namean?

He got lots of songs bout how the girl you in love wit ain't shit, that she just some dumb slut he might fuck when he done hippie flipping.  Or a concept song in which he compares his sexual prolificacy - "I got a bitch in every city" - to that of Michael Jordan.

But on dis track, he just lookin' for some sweet honeydip to be his wife n shit.  It's real sweet.  Makes you think of wandering around your room drunk with the lights off, bumpin' in to shit with your erection, tears streaming down yo face not merely from the pain of stubbing your dingdong, but also the loneliness crushing you as you feel blindly for the phantom dream girl who ain't materializing in yo reality.  But not like a DTF erection, more like a "I just wanna lay in her hair and watch Netflix" kinda erection.  Chuuuuuch!

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