Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Aw snap, sadatay my damies?  It's been a long minute and whatever 'cause ya boy done left da Jax Hole for da big city of Cheyenne (Chey-Town, stand up!).  I been movin weight and all that, bringing back snow for all da skiers on the Jackson Hole slopes if you know what I'm sayin!  But let's get this shit crackin already, chuuuch!

So dis kid GUNPLAY comin outta Miami been spittin some weird shit for a while, ex-cokehead flows that are mad cartoonish but technically proficient.  He is one ugly ass dude and with those dirty ass dreads you know he be smellin like pickled ball sweat.  He even mention how he ain't bathe in 3 days in this remake of da TRICK DADDY classic, "Nann Black Person."  SMH Gunplay, I know utilities is expensive n shit these days but you gotta maintain your hygiene swag.

 So da remake is aight, but even better is dat he got da baddest bitch TRINA on da track!  Oh snaps!  Trina used to get my wee wee so hard back in the day, in particular that hot outfit she was wearin in da "Shut Up" video, all struttin around like some hot baton-twirling strumpet.  Ay dios mio!

Yo TRINA, if you ever find yoself in Jackson Hole, WY, holla at ya boy!  I got mad hookups in dis bitch.  I could get you 1/2 off on ski rentals and a 3-day pass on da house!  Chuuuuch!

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