Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Sup to all the punk bitches and da hip sluts out there.  Damn, yo.  This post was originally gonna be about how gay KANYE WEST'S "Bittersweet Poetry" is; I was gonna find some overly sentimental comment on da YouTubes, something from a teenage girl like, "OMG dis kanye song is deep shit son, chuuuch," but then something even more awful happened.  I discovered dis overbearing turd by da name of alwaysright10000.

Dis simp be writing like 8-section, numbered essays where he be droppin all sorts of words he learned in his Kaplan SAT prep course.  Calm down, son!  I learned dem words too (thanks Xi Li, you saved my ass on da math section especially!).   You just arguing with YouTube teenagers, dawg, callin em fags would be much more effective trolling.

But damn yo, as a student of da English language myself (shout outs to Shakespeare, Milton, all dem dudes), I gotta say: dis is some shitty-azz writing!  Just full of flab, dawg.  You gotta cut that shit, pare yo prose of dem superfluous adverbs and wack-ass adjectives.  Like, you wanna sound smart and I can appreciate dat, but really you're just makin yoself look like a try-hard bitch.  I believe this is what GHOSTFACE KILLAH meant when he referred to "smart dumb [black persons]" ("Biscuits," The Pretty Toney Album).

Damn, this is some cringe-inducing-ass writing!  So overloaded with lard words.  And he 33?  Bad enough dat he a grown-ass man arguing wit YouTube retards, but even worse dat he suck so much dick at writing.  But yo, real talk alwaysright10000, I wanna help you out: cop yoself one of deez books on concise writing and da new 2 CHAINZ album.  You'll be pimpin shit like me in no time!

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