Thursday, April 30, 2015


We all about equilibrium of Feng Shui and other Oriental shit over here, namean?  I'm very enlightened and multicultural.  Ya boy got seven Oriental symbols tattooed on his calf muscle, and I own thirteen Muslim swords that I show to all the high-class professors and whatnot that be comin to my dinner parties to talk about Republicans and paintings.

After yesterday's Meaning Post, I knew I had to keep things in cosmic balance wit some levity and whatnot.  Chuckles and chortles does the heart good, ya feel?  As it always does, my mind immediately went from matters of the toilet to a certain excretion and its juvenile diminutives: poo poo and doo doo.  The latter made me think of "Doo Doo Brown," and I was like, "Yo, this muzt be what Tha Godz call Serindipity!  Miami and Baltimore at the same damn time!"  2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog consisted of legendary Baltimore DJ Frank Ski - Harlem-born, Miami-raised, now apparently some kind of straight-world radio personality in Atlanta - another guy whose name I don't know, and a mysterious and charismatic dog who was sorta like their Maharishi (RIP, Sparkles).

Now the cross-pollination of Baltimore club music and Miami Bass is material for a dry, academic book that would sell 9 copies, so we ain't finna try n cover that shit today (callin dibs right now tho).  Suffice it to say that Luke recorded his own take on "Doo Doo Brown" with the legendary "I Wanna Rock."   I'm the Rap Internet's biggest Miami stan on account of growin up here (my Dad's job was to glue all the rhinestones onto Blowfly's costume) and still livin that shit to my core like white suits and deviated septums, but for a long time I preferred the OG version to Luke's.  It was an embarrassingly long time before I realized  Doo Doo Brown's fecal connotation, and I thought it was kind of biterish that Luke ripped off such a badass '70s pimp name.  Now I'm not sure.  Luke's version is a sureshot party-starter, but Frank Ski rocks that hip-house shit to the fullest extent.  Why we always gotta have a winner?  They both classics!  Turn ya headphones up, close ya door, and do some air D-throwin' and P-poppin' before Mabel from Accounting comes knockin' at your door talkinbout, "Yo we gettin bread bowls from Panera Bread, you down?"


  1. Never forget the time Cam rhymed about shittin' in a chick's mouth on Luke's Suck My Dick.

  2. And Pitbull rapping about the cream produced by his balls! Wow. You've enriched my life once again. Thank you *prayer emoji*