Friday, April 17, 2015


Ol' Dirty Bastard cashing his welfare check on MTV was one of the finest publicity stunts of the '90s, and this clip of M.O.P. & Friends strong-arming the bootleggers of Brownsville, from their Straight From The Projects DVD, might have achieved similar status if online piracy hadn't killed the bootleg market.  Shed a tear for the days of Xeroxed cover inserts as Teflon stomps out a bogus copy of Warriorz, reprimanding an African purveyor who probably wouldn't know M.O.P. from A.B.C. and seems primarily interested in finishing his french fries.

Masta Killa assaulted Cheo Coker and stole his tape recorder; The Stranglers allegedly kidnapped journalists and tied them to the Eiffel tower.  In the age of Twitter beef, even angry blog comments are becoming obsolete.  Street level bootlegging might be going the way of the buffalo, but that shouldn't prevent artists from taking it back to the streets.

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