Tuesday, June 2, 2015


No matter how many boxes of rap music I get my hands on, it's never enough.  Acquisition is da name of the game, cause even tho my skreet name is Lil' 1/2 Broke, ya boy is resigned to this capitalism shit.  And though there's plenty of quality products out in tha digital bazaar, enduring the hundredth joyless 3rd gen trap "banger" leaves me wanting more.  I'm a sex tourist cruisin Tangiers or the 'Kok, trying to scratch a primal itch that always ends up intensified.

So ya boy goes down the dark alley of SoundCloud, just as hit and miss as the established channels but at least carrying the promise of "potential" and "upside" -- penny stock prospectin.  If it ain't generic trap shit, the young'ns of today bite Herb or Durk.  But the kids don't care.  It's a whole 'nother world out there, far beyond the arbitrary rules and idol-making of the Rap Internet complex.  We got 16 year olds blowin' up on the 'Cloud, but you wouldn't know that if you ain't skulkin the halls of your local high schools.  Real grassroots shit, ya feel?

Kodak Black is one such character.   He like 17 years old or some shit, a kid from the Pompano PJs building a rep as a fuck-up folk hero thru multiple stints in juvenile hell.  There's the marketing hook.  Part of Chief Keef's initial draw was his hopeless condition, the promise that his belligerence was "authentic" via poverty.  As the intro of his Passion of the Weiss interview sez, Kodak is "a distillation of hundreds of years of American history, an embodiment of the complexities of a country locked in an endless struggle with race and class."  Huh?  Don't know nothin about that, but his raps hittin all the right references for this aging Blogman: Gucci, Boosie, Cash Money.

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