Thursday, June 18, 2015



If you's a real Entourage fan, you already seen the movie, but I'll indulge the perpetrators with a reluctant SPOILER ALERT.  Entourage is a very sophisticated and complex entertainment project, so don't feel ashamed if you don't quite "get" it - there's always Mike & Molly for neanderthals like you.


What a film!  Who could have predicted such a bloody yet erotic end for Turtle?  Were there any hints that Vince would ruin his career trying to bring The Turner Diaries to the big screen?  I understand Johnny Drama was under the influence of a charismatic far-Right extremist, but did he really have to involve innocent children and animals in his twisted scheme?  And are we really supposed to believe the entire show was the dying hallucination of E overdosing in a Far Rockaway basement?

As might be expected, Entourage is a very Rap Music movie.  In addition to a buffoonish cameo from T.I., and a solid soundtrack including my third favorite song off The Infamous, Saigon reprises his role as a rapper named Saigon - at least according to the credits (I stuck around to see who the gaffer was; he really gaffed the shit out of this movie). I was surprised I missed him until I realized I don't actually remember what Saigon looks like.  I had assumed he looks like Chamillonaire, but fat.

Just my luck.  Now I'm tryna hit up the next matinee like all the suckas who was too deaf, dumb, and blind to notice the Madd Rapper of American Letters makin his cameo in Inherent Vice.  I'll give y'all a hint: he went the Dolezal route (if you're reading this reference it's already dated).


  1. Godamn, I forgot just how much Saigon oozed Struggle.

  2. He and Turtle were my Abbot & Costello.