Sunday, June 7, 2015


And I ain't mad, cause they do a pretty decent job of it!  Putumayo is the current OG of their market (Nonesuch being the granddaddy, Luaka Bop the gay son with an angular haircut), guilting Whole Foods shoppers into adding Polynesian Party to their basket when they was just tryin to cop some cashew milk and bump Sufjan in the Prius.  Someone out there gotta aggregate the Third World for whitey, and why not make some cake while u at it?

Mad Decent is the Putumayo for MFs who ain't ready to shop at Whole Foods, but you might catch 'em swoopin kale chips in a nice yogurt dip e'ry now and then.  They all about fair-trade partying, except when drugs are involved.  So if anyone was gonna push the cult of Chipman, the funky imperialists at Mad Decent was gonna have first dibs.  Snappy Jit isn't the best exponent of the form (that would be the late DJ Ghost), but it is the most consistent vis-à-vis the Mad Decent brand: omnivorous in style, sometimes grating in its self-awareness. There's a heavy Soca influence, meaning if you listen to it too long you might end up Jason Russelling down your block.  Someone get me the number for Folkways's A&R guy, I got a brick of cocaine and a Powerpoint presentation with crazy transitions.

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