Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Ayo so I try to keep my ear to the streets, but sometimes that shit gets hot and starts fryin my ear and I gotta recuperate to some Jim Croce and Ricki Lee Jones while my bitch reads my fortune in tea leaves. That's the beauty of the Internet. Instead of some Hands Across America bullshit, we got Ears To The Street Across The Mothafuckin' World! Shout outs to Twitter user @rlydoe for the heads up on some of these lists. Been on that social media platform nigh three months, and while it seems most people use it as an opportunity to air out the phantoms in their heads, occasionally you get put on to some edutainment that make ya go hummina hummina hummina. Anyone got some other shit, holla at ya blogman.

22nd Letter - Blunt On Me (Redlite)
Blvd Mel, Fredo, Gee Money, & YMM Captain - iPhone 6 (Dina Page)
Denmark Vessey - Don't Smoke K2 (Cocaine Blunts)
DonMonique - Drown (Hotbox)
Ezale - I Ain't Trippin Off Nothin (Passion Of The Weiss)
Jadakiss - Synergy (ft. Styles P) (Unkut)
King Los - Glory To The Lord (ft. R. Kelly) (The Martorialist)
Missy Elliott - WTF (ft. Pharrell) (Pitchfrock)
Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire - Nostalgia Aka Funcoland (WatchLoud) 
Patman - Son Of Chicago (So Many Shrimp)
Propain - 2:45 (Houston Press)
Ty Money - United Center (Passion Of The Weiss)


  1. Favourite songs your list put me up on would the Foxx & Mouse track and Juugman by 1WayFrank, who've I've only just realised isn't the same person as akaFRANK after songs of his have popped up on various 2015 lists.

    I was the O.G cheerleader for Blunt On Me by 22nd Letter but I had to cut it from my list due to Nef appearing thrice already.

    Rich Gang track was the discovery of Redlite's list for moi.

    1. Looks like I even commented on your post. Thought it sounded familiar! Rap singalongs must never go out of style.

      akaFRANK track is socially responsible.

    2. Confirmed: definitely got the hookup on "Blunt on Me" from TM as well as "old school hyphy". I'm glad u dug that rich gang track I had a hard time picking between that one and "Lil' Nigga (They Know It)" and like 30 other thug/rich gang tracks.

  2. That Synergy track is the perfect sequel to We Gon Make It Just Blaze needs to come out of hiding cause he can clearly still drop bangers.

    1. Didn't even know it was a Just Blaze prod. He never even really fell off, it was more like he disappeared. The life expectancy of a rap producer is comparable to that of a NFL running back.