Wednesday, December 9, 2015


RAP MUSIC HYSTERIA been existed as an outlet for shit talk since 2012, but this was really our first year documenting rap closely. What a time to be alive, am I right? On fleek, y'all. Squad up! Before we kick 2015's racist, death-dealing, fake hoverboarding ass down the temporal trash chute, we gonna chronicle some of the more notable rap phenomena appearing within da arbitrary measure of this planetary revolution. Don't believe me? Just watch!

We'll start it off with the best Zippyshare comps of the year. Back in the day, rap blogs was mostly some fuckin nerd with an eBay account and the Ego Trip book posting mp3s of Damn son! quality and/or obscurity. Except for the nerd part, that era lookin like one of those giant bicycles that thots in hoopskirts used to ride on they way to the measles clinic, so it's nice to know we still got hobbyists keepin the torch a-blazin. We stepped in the game with the Rosco P. Coldchain collection and Surf & Turf Bangers, cause frankly, I feel sorry for kids who will never know the feeling of holding a .zip file in their hard drive.


Hotbox was the Zippyshare MVP of 2015, and this is his masterwork. Technically a very late 2014 release, but fuck it—this act of canon decentering deserves at least two years worth of ballyhoos and hosannas. Which pop rappers are going hard in 2015? IDK, but bet Hotbox will lace us up with a deluxe audiophile edition by the time mp3s is the new vinyl.

For some unfathomable reason, Latinos still gettin the shaft when it comes to hip-hop hagiography. It's always, "Oh yeah and I guess there was some Puerto Rican dudes in the corner, IDK," then cut to an interview with Fat Joe's embarrassing adult baby lookin ass wearing a baby-blue sweatsuit. A big prayer emoji to Marty and D. Drake for givin credit where it's due. That's word to Crazy Legs, Lee QuiƱones, MARE 139, DJ Disco Wiz, all the way down to the young god Yams and RMH's spiritual idol Pitbull.

Over the years I've learned a lot from Robby and the Unkut site, but it can get a little tiresome when OG pitches bitter senior citizens like NYOIL as the best shit out; or, irony of ironies, when the very site that popularized the term "weed carrier" hypes some dude whose career highlight was holding a Juice Crew second-stringer's nuts. That said, it's still the best source for old school #knowledge with a minimum of fanboy piety, and the Zippyshare comps are always on point. This aggregation of Mobb stray shots is a nice reminder to the youth that Hav & P's throwaways >>> your dumb mixtape.

Up next: best songs and albums, whenever I get the chance to type em up.


  1. The 90's rappers in 2015 from hotbox and Lev Berlak comp from martyrialist also made my day, plus Noz recently re-uploaded the 64$ cologne Pimp C comp on cocaineblunts, what a great way to end the comp year!

  2. Good calls, and that Pimp C comp was my shit back in the day. I probably could have also included Unkut's Salute to Trackmasters. Too many great Zippyshare comps to choose from, I just wanted to show some love to the fellas grinding it out!

  3. True man I feel you, despite many a good album and mixtapes having been published in 2015, I probably ended up downloading just as many zippyshare comps from blog than mixtapes from rappers, ha !

    Zippyshare comps are the new radio for me, if you seem what I mean.

  4. rmh the martorialist & unkut are like the holy trinity of this rap blog game i'm just happy to be here

  5. + robbie's noisy abrasive dusted remixes was super dope