Saturday, December 19, 2015


Ayo wassup cyberspace. This kid DP continues the inexplicable recent trend of SEO-unfriendly two-letter nameshis being particularly bad for obvious reasons. Designer Casket is an unexpected slab of Mobb-style formalism, tho more likely he's high off Curren$y's vapors. Between Clipse, Fam-Lay, and the skeletons in Pharrell's closet, these VA Beach cats got ice water in they veins, and we ain't talkin Wet Willie's Call A Cab.

This kid could have a future. More realistically, he'll be championed by a few bloggers until he's discarded into the post-buzz bin limbo where the likes of Maxo Kream and Robb Bank$ send blustery smoke signals into the void.

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