Sunday, February 22, 2015


Main reasons I don't fuck with CHIEF KEEF: 1). his music is nothing special and 2). I don't particularly dig the point-and-laugh idiot savant treatment he gets from the media.   How is it cool to pretend an emotionally troubled manchild making stupid music is some kind of tetched eccentric genius?

But that's beside the point.  It's time to give ANDY MILONAKIS the gasface once and for all.  How is this creepy bottomfeeder still around, much less makin features on a major mixtape?  Like a lot of cats my age I watched his stupid MTV show until I learned he was not some cherubic wunderkind but a 37 year-old man.  No offense to ppl with congenital growth disorders, but that shit left me feeling violated, like that episode of The Law and Order SUV where that grown-ass woman keeps goin to different high schools and bonin the debate club.  When his comedy career stalled, I guess ANDY thought he could parlay his meager talent into rapping because rapping is easy and he can make fun of it while incorporating his wacky brand of humor.  I'm sure his love of the genre is "genuine" or whatever, but there's something gross and condescending about his ironic novelty-raps - not quite a minstrel show, but not that far either.  So he linked up with a more successful perpetrator of the same scheme in RIFF RAFF, who at least puts more effort into his heinous charade, and that Sunset Boulevard piece of garbage from MTV who, fun fact, also made a few beat-off videos (I'll let y'all Google that on your own time).

I can't understand why a genre that continually produces some of the funniest moments in pop culture lets these geeks get a pass.  Fortunately most of the good ones don't.  Fuck ANDY MILONAKIS and fuck CHIEF KEEF.  And while we're at it, fuck that moronic ODD FUTURE show.  Remember when y'all were writing think-pieces on their rape raps?

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