Saturday, February 28, 2015


I get that GUCCI is tryin to remind the fickle rap public of his existence as he sits in the clink catching up on Nora Roberts novels, but there's something to be said for leaving the public wanting more.  Whether it was intentional or not, BOOSIE's silence behind bars created huge anticipation for Life After Deathrow.  Fans missed him.

Even his biggest fans won't say that about GUCCI.  By now his prolific output behind bars is an in-joke along the lines of 2PAC's bewildering beyond-the-grave activity.  It seems he's got that Richard Nixon gene where he's so obsessed with leaving a legacy he documents his every ad-lib.  That backfired on Prezzy Big Dick, and it seems to be having a similar effect on GUWOP.  The brevity of Views From Zone 6 is a relief from the bloated heft of some recent mixtapes, but its slapped-together feel betrays its origins.  For an eight song EP, there are a staggering number of features: QUAVO, LIL REESE, 2 CHAINZ, PEEWEE LONGWAY, LIL B, etc.  Also present are CHIEF KEEF and ANDY MILONAKIS, the worst rap combo since KANYE and JOHN MAYER.

Clearly the features were a product of necessity, but the collaborations lack chemistry in consequence.  GUCCI should tell his people to cool it with the vault clearing and focus on himself, maybe take up meditation or explore the possibilities of stick 'n' poke.  The only real highlight here is the mesmerizing "Bitter," featuring YOUNG THUG and YUNG GLEESH, a welcome entry in his ongoing Word Series.


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