Thursday, March 12, 2015


Remember when people were shocked and outraged by artistic content?  The same stewards of good taste still exist, but now they put their energy into tar-and-feathering offensive simpletons on Twitter.   The Innanet expanded the accessibility of controversial media exponentially, but it's obvs had a numbing effect on peeps.  How we 'posed to be shocked by anything when we watched videos of dudes cuttin off their ding dongs as 12 year-olds?

Back in the day, NWA and Chronic Sick were household names to millions of middle American kids trying to piss off moms and pops.  There isn't really an equivalent anymore.  Run The Jewels are preaching to the converted.  Odd Future made a little noise with their kill people burn shit fuck school sloganeering and rape fixation, but that juvenile stupidity can't compare to a line like "If smoking crack makes you feel good, DO IT!" delivered by an artist whose community was destroyed by the drug.  There's a world of implication when Debonaire tells kids to drop out of school and start a career in larceny, but dumb people can only see the political when they're being told to fight the power.

We're gonna miss the Tipper Gores of the world when they're gone, cause the way artists chafed at her moral grandstanding produced some great dirty records.  At least she started a conversation on art and free speech, 'cause nowadays it's just crusades against straw men and a next-day mea culpa on Twitter.  My mans Bill O'Reilly tried takin it back to the Morton Downey Jr. era with Cam (and Ludacris, bizarrely), but everyone just yawned and made a meme.  Anyone with an Internet connection can download bukkake flicks till the cows come home, but you can just as easily ignore that and look at pictures of cats instead.  Da web takes you world wide, but you can make ya own world as small and personalized as you want it.  Like that bitch in Gatsby said, "I love big Freakniks.  They so intimate and shit."

My boys in Poison Clan were rebelling against moral standards that no longer apply.  I guess that means we're more sophisticated now, but it's also resulted in blander music.  Have we reached the limits of bad taste?  I hope not.  Luke and GG didn't fight the culture wars so we could listen to...IDK, whatever indie band is popular with the kidz.  With that in mind, I officially reverse my stance on Chief Keef.

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