Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Back in '09 or thereabouts, DB Tha General's name had the same currency Mozzy's enjoys today. Even if it meant fuck all to most rap listeners, a small but enthusiastic group of aficionados swung defiantly from the curly tendrils of DB's bozack. And they was right! But shit never popped, as happens so often, and the highlight of DB's 2015 was playin the beef 'n' broc to YG's sesame chicken and Blanco's fried rice on the Panda Express combo order that was California Livin.

Come to find out DB just dropped a video for a song called "Gas Chamber," which sounds extremely hip-hop. U know the chamber has a long and storied history in the rap game, cause it sounds like some kind of mystical intellectual rhymespace, and also it is part of a gun. Yeah I was expecting something hip-hop, but I didn't expect the General to spit bars like he on a Clue tape in '97! Ya boy is a stan for culinary details in rap songs, so of course I threw my chef hat at tha ceiling when DB justifies past BNEs cause he was tired of oatmeal and cream of wheat. Even Earl Manigault gets some love. In my humble opinion, the video should have been ALL green screen, cause really you can't beat the Xavier: Renegade Angel absurdity of the CGI desert and Texaco pumps, the random ogre walking thru the frame at the 1:16 mark, or tha Lil Fame lookin MF materializing in front of the DB Tha General gas station and makin googly eyes at the camera.


  1. Fuck man, that song sure does go hard, my day just started and it's making me feel real good and in a sharing mood already. DB is one of the only bay dude whom I never really checked the catalogue, any intel on a good release to start with ?

    1. Best places to start would be the Welcome To The Navy album and the Young O.G 2 mixtape imo.

    2. ya i second welcome to the navy. i'm fond of the king of oakland too. db releases can be pretty scattershot, but there are gems everywhere.

  2. Got my hands on Welcome To The Navy and it's definitely good. Maybe a bit too long, I could trim a couple tracks, but yeah, dude goes hard on most songs, thanks for the recommendation.