Monday, February 8, 2016


Been a minute since I dropped the critically declaimed Greetings From The Gunshine State bootleg, and while I'm content with the final product, like Jiggaman Clay and his inscrutable chinky-eyed Koreans, I got to learn to live with regrets. First and foremost is the great "Lip Biting Animal" by the late Liberty City rapper Bizzle. Was jook South Florida's response to thizzina separate yet parallel MDMA-inspired ripple in time—or was it more of a clubland waviness? Maybe the real essence isn't anything that can be comprehended by the rational mind, something to be intuited only when you're rolling off a triple stack (no molly anachronisms), shirt half-buttoned and sweaty, caressing anything with a pleasing texture.

Next we got "Paralyzed" by Oak Hill Boyz. This more of a crunk ode to gettin blotto than the X pill enlightenment of jook's best moments. If we was playing Pokemon, it would be a rock Pokemon to the psychic Pokemon of "Lip Biting Animal."  So go 'head, crack open a refreshing Budweiser beer and get ya Geodude on!

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