Monday, February 22, 2016


After a decade of gleefully hating on anything comin out of NYC, ya boy has finally grown tired of the company line. Yes, NYC rappers are a pompous, narcissistic, entitled bunch, but that's just what New Yorkers is like! It's come to da point where even New Yorkers is hatin on NYC rappers, which is surely a sign dat we need Trump to make America great again. And it's da very same people moanin about New York rappers bein reactionary prisoners of influence who's always longing for the city to return to some non-existent idealized version of da bad old days. What is it, y'all? Do you want Desiigner or do you want "The Truth?"

We at RAP MUSIC HYSTERIA! are done hating on New York. Instead we gonna celebrate a true Harlem legend, and one of da most excitable gents to walk da planet, Mr. DJ Kay Slay! Forget that the title 50 Shades Of Slay conjures images of the Drama King in nipple clamps. My mans is expanding his mindframe, dunn dunn. He even got Mistah F.A.B. and DJ Paul on this bitch! Dezzy Dez is mad worldly, unlike that toy Fat Joe a/k/a Crack TATS cru. On the second Cannibal Ox sounding ass track of recent vintage, Kay Slay expands his horizons to exotic Philly and gets Young Chris to crawl out the Tastykake wrapper he been hidin under to beat the "E" phoneme into the ground. Real lyrical craftsman, ya feel? Strap on ya chancletas young blood, cause Kay Slay even holla'd at Miami and said, "Yo, I need a Miami rapper that sounds like he from Newark!" Boom, Gunplay closes the shit out. But don't worry my New York chauvinists, we got some battle rapper named Loaded Lux w/ the opening verse, and you know he talkin bout shit like "lyrical acumen!" New York lives, boy, fuck what you heard!


  1. I always thought it was funny how Kay Slay would always insult the listeners of his mixtapes "NEW DIPSET FOR YOU FUCKIN FAGGOTS DONT LISTEN TO THIS IF YOU A BITCH ASS NIGGA!" made me feel great about listening to his mixtapes.

  2. lol it's reverse psychology of the Kay Slay School.