Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Sup you dogass hoes?  Real talk, y'all, if there's one thing ya boy can't stand it's fakes; that extends to people as well as True Religions (I hear ya Keef!).  I was at Mangy Moose the other day, pullin bitches and sellin Oxys to some bitchass tourists, when local rap sensation Snow White came in with his Powder Blu Cru.

I used to be kinda tight with Snow White back in the day.  We'd hit the slopes together and rob tourists for their North Faces and what have you - you know, mad gully gangsta shit!  But since he been poppin off on a statewide level, the fame has gotten to his head.  He didn't even hook me up with a moist towelette when I was bossin on some buffalo wings!  Homeboy, my hands wuz dirty!

Snow White, you got a price on yo head, real talk.  But TOMMY WRIGHT III is a real ass dude.  I listen to his music and think, "Man, I bet me and Tommy would have so much in common.  We are both wandering this crazy road we call Thug Life."  Hit him up on Facebook! 

And Tommy, if you readin this, come on man, unblock me!  I know I been spammin and whatnot, but wait till you hear my demo, homey!

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