Sunday, August 12, 2012


What's good gangstas?  I heard this song the other day when I was cruising round Da Jack lookin for bitches.  Just blasting some hip-hop tracks, you know how we do.

Then all of a sudden the radio played these dope murder synths and I was like, "Oh shit, it's poppin!"  I lit up a blunt and enjoyed the sweet sounds of "Pop That," a new song by French Montana, Rick Ross, Little Wayne and Drake.

Oh snap y'all, it's a posse cut!  I haven't heard a dope posse cut in a long time.  THis takes me back to the days of Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" and Shyhiem's "Soul In The Hole."  What you know about that real hip hop poser?

It also reminds me of that old school New Orleans bounce.  You know Lil Wayne be shoutin out to DJ Jimi n all dem when  he be talkin bout suckin a niggas dick for something!  Takin it back to that Nolia yaheardme?

This shit is tight and I know there be haters and whatever, but check how my man on Youtube lays it out.

You got that playa?  It's a free fuckin country so stop bein a fuckin fascist nazi.

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