Sunday, August 12, 2012


As Tony Yayo says, "We on fiiiiiiyaaaah!" today here at RAP MUSIC HYSTERIA!  I am just very excited to be blogging my thoughts about rap music, because I love rap music like a child who might mug me on the street and/or teach me about the hardened realities of ghetto urban life.  Chuuuch!

Anyway, we all know that JAY ELECTORNICA spits that hot fire, but man what a fuckin feeb.  He's the kind of dude who shaves with Lush shaving cream and drinks that Whole Foods kombucha shit that tastes like pickled ball sweat (no homo).  "Dear Moleskine?" For rilla?  Maybe the gayest song title I've heard in my life.

Anyway homey was porkin some rich bitch named Rotschild in England, which I guess is pretty cool, but this hipster dork definitely would do shit like that.  He probably speaks with an English accent now and eats vegan bangers and mash.

Jay Electornica, you a pussy and I will fight you.

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