Monday, August 13, 2012



So this lil tyke named JOEY BADA$$ comes out and all the old heads are shitting their Depends like, "OMG, this kid's young and he sounds like A Tribe Called Quest!  Real Hip-Hop!" then they farted, watched some "Matlock" and fell asleep in their own drool.  I was like, "Word, definitely don't need to hear that shit."

But I checked it out and it turned out to be aight.  Nice lil melancholy summer vibe to it without being too retrograde, gnomesayin?  It isn't on that wack depressing lyrical lyrical NY shit.  If you gotta compare it to someone I'd say it's got that nice "let's blaze up cause we young" vibe of SOULS OF MISCHIEF.  Not gonna reinvent the wheel or nothin, but fuck I didn't invent no wheel so I can't front.

But really?  Your name is JOEY BADA$$?  Literally the wackest name in the rap game, and we're including JAY ELECTRONICA.  Dawg, you're like 15 years old.  I'm a grown-ass man and I lift weights.  I will beat the everloving shit out of you.

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