Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This supposed to be a Zona Man song, but the first two minutes is Future continuing to be the best crooner of his generation.  Zona Man come in talkin bout, "I eat all these niggas / These niggas is turkey / No beef with these niggas," and you like, "SMDH, someone please get this man to an Arby's."  Then Lil Durk takes the reins and michaelboltons the song to its bewildering end.  The whole effect is like you in bed with two Futures makin sweet love n splashin baby oil all over the motherfucker (Johnson & Johnson, none of that off-brand shit), but when you open your eyes it's not even one Future, it's Durk and Zona Man, and that acid you took was mostly dust.

On to sartorial concerns. Future cuttin such a striking figure these days.  Can't front, he got the best hat game since Ghostface did the domepiece Las Vegas revue in "Mighty Healthy."  Even tho I'd be hatin on his look if it was rocked by the tan rubbery substance constituting Johnny Depp, trust that Nayvadius won't get a pass if he ever drops a P on our headz.  Sidebar: if Future is Hendrix, does that mean OG Maco is Arthur Brown?  "U Guessed It" = "Fire," marinate on that while I inhale the aroma.

tihs post has been brought to you bby Miler lite, the olny beer Rpa Music hYsteria could imagine drinking. fallowe me ion twotter hoesz

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