Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Writergate (mk. ∞) is inherently misguided because it underestimates the aggressive parasitical nature of DRAKE'S on-mic presence, his awesome figuration in the pop-cult cosmos.  This ain't even on some, "It don't matter who wrote the songs, so long as they exist" kumbaya shit.  One drop of Drake poisons the whole well.  "Where Ya At" sounds like a vintage FUTURE song until Aubrey comes in with his beta-male moping, the neutral sound of rap's miscegenation across borders and timezones and city limits.  Drake's authorship hasn't mattered for a long time.  The Drake concept is bigger than lyrics, bigger even than antitrust laws.  Grow with it or get absorbed.

GHOSTWRITTEN BONUS: Bow Wow - "Let's Get Down" (T.I.)
Now who wrote the Rap City freestyle where Bow Weezy goes iiiiiinnn?

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