Monday, August 17, 2015


This been out a hot minute, but that ain't nann concern.  Revisitation is some panacea in dis oversaturated media desert.  See that shit from a different coordinate, ya feel?  Parallax or whateva.

Things I like about this song/video.

1.  AOne say, "This that mob shit you nerd *expletives* heard about."  Mane, that really encapsulate the inclusion/exclusion dynamic dat a particular section of the rap-listening audience find so tantalizing.  I be like, "Yeah, I am a nerd, and I did hear about this mob shit!"  Simultaneously flattered and degraded, yadadamean?  Spank me, Aone, I been a bad nerd (nullus).

2.  That table!  What is that, redwood or some shit?  Illest table I ever seen in a rap video, bar none.  And the Wassily chair?  Yo, whoever pad that is got some refined taste!  Interior design on swole, real talk.  When I was a lil kid I got banned from sittin in my boy's Wassily chairs cause I was scratchin my name in the leather, tryin to go all-city on the Wassily chairs and whatnot.  Kinged the Wassilys, did my thing on the Eameses.  And it wouldn't be the last time I was banned from sittin in Wassily chairs, neither.

3.  AOne lookin bummy and fresh at the same time, my standard mode of dress.  It's cool if rappers wanna look like they walked out of a Tom of Finland sketch, but the rest of us gotta do our own laundry and that shit get onerous.

4.  The beat soundin like you rockin the Windows 98 with 350 mhz and that shit glitchin out all frozen and about to shut down and you afraid it's gonna blow up so you take cover under the desk like they taught you to do for the A-bomb.

5.  Jacka with the highlighter Foamposites.

6.  At two mins, it leaves you wantin more.  This what Coleridge n' em was talkin about.  RIP, Jack.

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  1. Congrats, you are now officially a member of #JackaHive.

    I don't wear hoodies but those Mob Figaz silhouette logo ones are pretty fresh.

  2. Ima put that on my grave. Big up to the OGs for puttin me on.

  3. out of pocket jacka is my new favorite jacka