Sunday, August 9, 2015


Even though it's fashionable to hate DJ KHALED, I do not hate DJ Khaled.  He is FUNKMASTER FLEX minus any credibility. He gets on the radio, yells a lot, dicks around on a soundboard, and everyone goes home entertained.  Yeah his Warholian public persona is annoying, but that's an essential part of his heel schtick.  He's that Palestinian-American you love to hate *Yukmouth voice*.

That said, I gotta speak on some bullshit.  Fuck your Finga Licking Chicken, Khaled.  You know damn well RICK ROSS cornered the R&C (rap and chicken) market with his string of successful and delicious Wingstops.  How ya gonna do ya boy like that, you Fredo ass motherfucker?  I ain't never gonna eat your chicken, you clucker. 

In all seriousness, Finga Licking sounds better than the General's Fried Chicken shit the Bawse purveyin, but you can't step on no man's toes in the bird biz.   What's wrong wit Finga Licking Fattoush, ya leech?  I fucks wit small businesses and job creation, but Khaled finna fatten up my city to Khaled-level lumpiness.  Ayo, HHS!   Make these obese poultry magnates build a Jenny Craig for every franchise they open, call it a fatboy carbon credit.

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