Friday, August 14, 2015


Downtown in the '80s was crazy man, you had Lee Quinones aerosol-arting Debbie Harry's face on LES bodegas before Chico (a/k/a the $erge of NYC) came in with the strongarm tactics and the deft Norman Rockwell hand.  Shit, you had Fab 5 Freddy paying people to paint soupcans on the iron horse and generally perfecting the sheister activities that made a Suge Knight possible ('cept Freddy was and remains a Classic Man; dig that porkpie, playa).

Boom.  No song embodies that magical era better than "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club.  Uptown was meeting Downtown, the boomers was takin us to the promise land, hands interlockin on some United Way logo shit.  They was like the Rascals of the '80s with badass punk chick attitude!

Thank you boomers!  All they had was some pluck, a coldwater loft where they literally had to fight rats for the privilege of shitting off the fire escape, a couple of paintbrushes and some stank doobage, but yo they died 4 our sins.  Giuliani single-handedly buzzkilled the racialized harmony posited in "Genius of Love," but it did become one of the most enduring breaks of rap music.  It's like the "Sleng Teng" riddim in tha sense tht you could literally be goin "skiddely diddely bibbedy bop" on some Scatman shit, and still rock a party.  Y'all can look up its history, it ain't hard to find.  Fuck a service, when I die I want all my peoples getting twisted and listening to a mega-long playlist of "Genius Of Love" derivatives.  Max's version might not be the best, but it is certainly the waviest.  PEace, follow me on Twitter hoez,


  1. I reckon this actually might be one of the best Genius Of Love flips.

  2. It does feel like Tina Weymouth and co. recorded it just so Max could bless it one day. The Mudd Club woulda gone brazy for Biggavel