Friday, August 21, 2015


Maaaaane, put ya money where ya mouf is and go cop The Book of Luke!  MFs be bustin nuts 'bout how Young Thug said, "RIP Mike Brown, fuck the cops" after comin off like a simpleton with the mic in front of him, yet ignore the fact that Luther Campbell, a/k/a Uncle Luke, legally barred from being known as Luke Skyywalker, has been an active citizen in every sense of the word for decades.  My man been doin it.  He don't talk about it, he be about it!  Get up on it.

This being Luke tho, u know there's some nice scandalous shit packed in that codex, too.  Thrill to his tale of gettin blown by a line of Japanese freaks whilst onstage!  Find out what he really thought about Fresh Kid Ice's Chinaman LP!  Learn how MC Shy D puts the shy in sheisty!  Witness Public Enemy bein some hatin-ass mothafuckas!  It's all in here, boyee!

And if the publisher of Fresh Kid Ice's My Rise 2 Fame wants a review, send me some copies my duggalah!

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  1. Damn, Fresh Kid Ice had 2 strokes within the space of a year :(

  2. Damn, didn't even know that. Glad he's still here. I'll always love Ice for puttin it on for tha AZN brovas.