Sunday, August 23, 2015


After reveling in Death Row cliches for a decade and some change, it's refreshing to see a new crop of L.A. rappers discover there's more to rap than street-life brooding and ritualized death.  Nuff respect to tha Row, but their effect on L.A. rap was tantamount to Rollins replacing Dez - all bathos and angst at the expense of fun.

Like the generations of writers damaged by Chandler's vision of L.A. as paradise of the damned, the Death Row babies reproduced a narrow definition and ran it into the ground.  The California of my mind is not merely somber or orthodox.  It's also driving down the PCU smokin some of that loud, just lettin the wind blow thru ya perm as ya oculars drink in the Pacific blue.  All that Katy Perry, and Beach Blanket Bingo, and "I wish they all could be California girls" shit.  There's more to life than Dickies and hydraulics.

Word is YG's cookin up a whole EP with Blanco and the Rap Blog MVP of 2009, DB Tha General, on some unionized "One California" shit. They two for two so far with the breezy summer jams.  DB spreads himself across the track like Bizzy Bone chanelling Rammellzee.   Fiend takes the Nate Dogg role.  AV kick a nice lil verse, and Blanco is at least relatively unobtrusive.  Some might say that five dudes on one song is a sausagefest.  Yet what is a sausagefest but a gangsta party by a different name?  Yo Fiend, bring the crawfish!

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  1. Can't decide whether Blanco is the Cali Termanology or the new Berner.

    As you say, he's unobtrusive enough on these 2 tracks which probably makes him the new Berner.

  2. I would agree, except he has less LOL moments than Berner.