Sunday, May 31, 2015


The Cash Money kiss will go down as rap's version of Jerry Lee Lewis's cousin-bride, and subsequent viewings of the "Still Fly" video wouldn't placate the puritanical outrage directed at a father/manager figure who just wanted to kiss his contractually obligated son on the lips, is that really so much to ask for?  The market still hasn't welcomed an openly gay rapper, so who knows what Baby was thinking when he tried kicking the doors open for NAMBLA.

Whereas the kiss was a disquieting glimpse into Cash Money's tourbus ca. '96, the eros of "Still Fly" is a playful wink wink in the direction of the Paul Lynde school.  It's a great video for many reasons, but its progressive stance on gay relationships was unique for the time.  Baby and Mannie live next door to each other in adjoining houses.  In the course of the video, they wear at least five matching outfits.  Big Tymers on some Bert & Ernie shit, 4 real (obviously Mannie is Ernie). Maybe it's a New Orleans thing?  Jazze Pha gets in on the fun and rocks a pith helmet with his urbanized safari gear, proving once again that videos were better in those days.

On a side note, if Mannie used ghostwriters to the extent commonly believed, it has to be one of the most successful examples of such a relationship: collaboration rather than ventriloquism.  His personality is represented to well for him to simply be reading a script.  We at Reap Music Hyseteria could give a fuck about a ghostwriter, but that's a different story for a different day.


  1. never mind Mannie, Im of the firm belief Baby wrote a heap of his shit. Who gets that shortchanged w endless run on rhyme same word w same word w minute variations and still pulls a classic verse out it every time. Like I know youre supposed to tailor it but fuck me thats some subtle shit

    Once your eyes are opened to Bubba and his predilections you keep seeing it in half the songs

    lol @ Mannie, BG & Juvie's distancing themselves in the Back That Azz Up contest though. Really though Waynes eyes when hes telling that story

  2. Ha, that's a good point! Baby is one of rap's enduring enigmas, as a rapper and a person. I'm constantly on the fence about the man, but he's been a major force for a staggering amount of time. As a businessman/rapper, he's like a pitcher who hits a few home runs every year.

  3. Ain't no video but ESG's "I Luv Niggas" is a lesser-known entry in the suspect rap files.

    ESG - I Luv Niggas

  4. Nice. Reminds me of the Max B line on "Deez My Streets": I'm a fan on the low, I like dudes