Friday, May 29, 2015


If Tre+6 are remembered at all, it's probably for their appearance on the best song of last decade.  Other than that, they put out a promising LP on Slip-N-Slide that never got a follow-up even after some profile-raising appearances on Trick Daddy's commercially successful early-mid '00s albums.  Trick blames Slip-N-Slide's Ted Lucas for that, and I been inclined to take his word since the Cribs episode where he sold a generation on the hygienic virtues of wet wipes.

Tech Life suffers from the same thing that has plagued most Miami rappers since the demise of the bass scene, namely the lack of a definitive regional sound.  While the underground cribs moves from the drill scene and Hypnotize Minds YouTube playlists, the aspirants on South Beach drink whatever Jim Jones is putting in their flute (pause?) or follow the MMG corporate handbook to the point of sterilization.  But despite obvious debts to the West Coast, Money Mark (no piano) and C.O. (no Rohzay) were building toward something they never saw through.

Video courtesy of Money Mark's YouTube channel, where the curious will also find his recent work.  The VHS dub is v "authentic" if u into that, but ya boy can never be mad at a quality take on the "Genius Of Love" sample.  I be watchin this video seein overpasses and shit and I'm like, "Yo, that's my overpass. We made it, son!"

Bonus beat: Da godz flip Metallica's "Fade To Black," I reach for my Spanish Ibanez.


  1. I never copped on they were on Take It To Da House til recently, bit of a Trick Daddy Dollars newjack. I got the album cos of Toomp beats myself. Funny how ATL bass dudes were able to evolve and not the OGs

    How do certain nicknames keep popping up, thats like 4 rap Money Marks. Theres a good 3 Mike Ds aswell, no Mike Ps or Mike Ls though

  2. You ever get into the jook sound?

  3. Yeah, I love jook in small doses. There's definitely a story to be told on how a random Eamon song ended up being the "Triggerman" of the jook scene.