Monday, May 18, 2015


If you too young to remember the late '90s, fear not: all you gotta do is watch the video for Blackstreet's "Fix" remix and peep game.  Some lovely potpourri here.  We got cats rockin Oakleys with sepia lenses, Yankees apparel in non-regulation colors, flagrant rap goggling, and a member of Blackstreet in overalls with no shirt on.  There's also hip-hop line dancing with girls dressed in questionably distressed denim jumpsuits.  Slash is in the mix for another gratuitous collab, as usual finessin the axe like he waitin for the money shot; ODB raps on the toilet eatin cereal; and Fishbone somehow get shoehorned in for all the ska fiendz who felt underrepresented in this cluster expletive. This was how we lived.

Trigger warning for all my ex-nicotine fiendz, 'cause if you watch this you probably gonna need to smoke a cigarette to wind down.  Apparently no one had the chutzpah to talk Teddy Riley down from making this fever dream of late '90s pop culture. Dis da kind of abomination Frankenstein was warnin us against!

For your viewing (dis-?)pleasure, the Clinton era in all its optimism and excess.  If da terroristz ever need a refresher on what they fighting against, all they need is to play this video.  They hate us for our freedom, hubris, and Fishbone. You maniacs! You blew it up!


  1. they were super extra with this one. total clusterfuck. but so jiggy that you can't even be mad. the hues and frog lenses are total jiggy era lobs.

  2. True indeed. Jigginess is a powerful corrective.