Friday, May 8, 2015


I've gone through four or five computers since I first started downloading the MP3s.  Ya boy ran thru Napster to Kazaa, Soulseek to Megaupload, but those desk- and laptops weren't strong enough to hold up to my relentless sensual appetites.  Was it porn or pop music that ultimately stopped my 'puters from 'putin?  IDK, but whatever it was, Tipper Gore would not have approved.  In any event, I didn't have the presence of mind to save my precious filez until my last switchover, so I always had to start my illicit library anew.  I guess I thought it was v que sera, sera and Buddhististic, e.g., "If I don't remember to download it again, it probably wasn't worth it," but now I'm realizing I lost a lot of gemz in the process.

For reasons I don't even understand, I been running (formerly Audioscrobbler!) since '08, which means I have a semi-comprehensive document of everything I listened to during that time.  I had to lie to my girlfriends when they asked what it was, but this cathedral of OCD has finally proven its use: reminding me that these great songs exist (and why I'm single).

Young Bleed w/ Money Waters - Bac Road Mississippi
Z-Ro - Made
De La Soul - Wonce Again Long Island
Gucci Mane - Hurry
Juvenile w/ Mannie Fresh - Who Can I Run To?
MF Doom - Deep Fried Frenz
Rich Kidz - Wassup
Anquette - Shake It (Do the 61st)
Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
DJ Khaled w/ Clipse & Freeway - Where You At
Lil Boosie - Ain't Coming Home Tonight
Young Dro - Gangsta Shit
Torae & Skyzoo - Click
50 Cent - Smile (I'm Leavin')
Young Dro & Yung LA - Black Boy, White Boy
Ice Berg - I'm The Shit 
Plies - Plenty Money
I.G.T. - Street Music (also "Stay Bent" - literally forgot this group existed)
K-Rino - Step Into The Mind
Queen Pen w/ The Lost Boyz - Party Ain't A Party
Styles P - Holiday

This was such a productive exercise I gave myself the warm 'n' fuzzies.  Sheeit, finna skip the warm glass of milk when I tuck myself in tonight, cause Styles P will do it for me.  Good night, J to the mwa.  Good night, Sheek.  Good night, Styles.


  1. That Queen Pen and Lost Boyz was my shit.

  2. Yo in case u didn't know soulseek is still alive and thriving, i found 3x Krazy's album on there yesterday after Noz tweeted a YT link, good luck finding a torrent w more than 1 seeder for that shit

  3. Oh snap! Might have to download it and troll the rap chat for old time's sake.