Friday, May 15, 2015


(Thanks to Wale's YouTube account for the hook up!  This will be the only time we link to one of your videos, my doogalah)

The narrative for 2015: Meek Mill been havin a hot year.  After gettin out of jail, he went up to Safaree on some "I challenge you to a duel" shit and probably even got Nicki to rummage his pants at some point.  Chuuuch.  He also been rappin his ass off with the kind of focus that got me thinkin, "Damn, maybe I should hit the clink for a bit.  Do some meditation, rediscover the delights of drawing with crayons, duck the baby moms for a bit."  But then I realize how ridiculous that idea is.  I'm way too pretty to get beaten with a bar of soap in a tubesock, and I still have my own goals to accomplish before I give in to the comfortable life of a prison wife.

Anyway, I was kinda down on Meek after Dreamchasers 3.  I was with him for the first two installments, but ya boy can only take so much inspirational emo-rap.  I half expected Meek to get Elton John on a duet and record a video treatment where he wears a white suit and releases a dove into the air as the sun rises on Sandals Resort.  It's a relief to hear him back on his flossing shit, the kind of "eat a dick" exuberance that is rap music's high water mark.  First he dropped a song called "Monster" that wiped the floor with that Kanye song where Nicki does her irritating Bobcat Goldthwait impression.  Now comes "Basic Bitch," the kinda joint that makes me wanna get my Jameis Winston on in public (Ed. note: not rape).

Meek doing a 10-14 song album consisting solely of Spirit of '85 Rubin/DMX/Smith electrofuturist funk is the recipe for a classic. Unfortunately it's the kind that doesn't sell any records, and I'm more interested in saving the bootlegging industry than the record industry.  Still, I fucks with this style so much I can almost forget how stupid overexposed Migos have become, and remember how a young boy fell in love with "Chinatown" in the simpler times of 2013.


  1. This is so much better than it has a right to be. Thank fuck he didn't put A$AP Ferg on this one.

    Random late 80s random rap songs Meek needs to rap over: Troopers On The Mic by Raw Corp & D.J Len

  2. Meek would sound lovely on that.

    Sean and Ferg ruined "B Boy" for me at first, but the consensus "Big Sean can rap!" meme has been semi-compelling even tho his problem was always his smarminess, not a lack of skill.

    Gotta admit where you're wrong, and I was so wrong thinking Ferg was a New York Big Moe. Credit to Yams for the dupery.