Sunday, July 19, 2015


Maybe one day YOUNG DRO will do ACTION BRONSON and RIFF RAFF like Willie Dixon did Led Zep.  He is the father of their polysyllabic gymnastics, their brazen shoehorn rhyming.  Until that day comes, DRO is makin one last push for redemption like Shane Falco in The Replacements.

"We In Da City" is no "Man In The Trunk" or "Who Am I" or even "FDB."  Early on, the only giveaway that it's Dro rather than a piece of the faceless trap horde is the Yucatan/"you da man" punning.  He's adapting to trends, trimming his customary verbosity to the laconic breathing exercises of an O.T. GENASIS, until, suddenly, he erupts into the kind of fast rap that now belongs almost entirely to the domain of nostalgia toward which, in his increasing irrelevance, he is angling.  Played at the right time in the right bar, this could go from a 3/5 to my favorite song.  T.I. might give Dro a bump on the remix; then again, maybe not.  T.I. is at the same place in his career as LL was in '99.


  1. Dro kinda threw a curve ball with this but when he actually starts rapping this song is pretty great

  2. Yeah, it's a compromise in the best possible way, but still a compromise.