Wednesday, July 15, 2015



The raging broom of madness swept us out of ourselves and drove us through streets as rough and deep as the beds of torrents. Here and there, sick lamplight through window glass taught us to distrust the deceitful mathematics of our perishing eyes...

And on we raced, hurling watchdogs against doorsteps, curling them under our burning tires like collars under a flatiron. Death, domesticated, met me at every turn, gracefully holding out a paw, or once in a while hunkering down, making velvety caressing eyes at me from every puddle.
- Marinetti, 1909

How badly the "March Madness" video misses the mark is only to the song's credit - there's an excess of material to interpret.  A case could be made that Vincent Lou already translated the nocturnality of 56 Nights for the title song's video, but the heavy-handed insertion of Civil Rights era footage overemphasizes the political nature of "March Madness."  It's political at times, but only in passing.  The essence of Future's drug-addled stream-of-consciousness technique is that every thought is explored only in passing.

I want a video of Future driving around the margins of Atlanta in the early hours.  No themes, no concepts.  But maybe there's a reason Vincent Lou makes the big bucks and I can't even direct a Geo into a parallel space.  He did make a good one for "Codeine Crazy."


  1. Future has so many videos but I think "Racks" and "Itchin'" are the only ones I actually like.

  2. YouTube killed the video star :(