Friday, July 17, 2015


I have been a long-time hater of CHIEF KEEF cause he seemed to be the posterboy for da gross fetishization of da poverty-ignorance-race-anger complex, but u know I'm sorta comin around I guess.  I once wrote that "Love Sosa" sound like "somethin from a Broadway musical about homo sailors," and I still agree wit dat, not just cause it is probably the best string of words I will ever write.  Fuck "Sosa" in its nautical booty. 

I am, however, starting to fuck wit da really wanky shit where he overdubs the vocals like a motherfucker. I got a thing for studio obsessives who just don't know when to leave good enough alone.  Even tho he ain't on the drugs no more (I think?) he like Brian Wilson in the Smile days sittin around his mansion twiddlin knobs on some Rainman shit, except his sandbox is a Segway or that ill Japanese robot Asimo*.

CHANCE THE RAPPER dropped an indie rock album earlier this year that was sorta like the cast of Gullah Gullah Island cliqued up wit Vampire Weekend and Anticon and some of the happier slam poets, the ones who draw smiley faces in ya latte or whatever rather than givin you the bizness on globalization and free trade and shit when you just tryin to grab a caramel mocha Frappe on the way to the Justin Bieber concert.  It garnered some Beach Boys comparisons cause there was a trumpet and they called it Surf, but really it was just straight buns from all points, granola rap at its worst and the sorta watery nerd rock you hear in a Kohl's ad.**  Besides, Chance seems too normal to ever build a Xanadu.  Brian Wilson and Chief Keef, troubled manchildren whose only function in life is to make music like some retarded ass Mozarts.***

* Fuck Asimo, we still got beef and he knows what he did.
** And I liked Acid Rain even tho I once had to witness a bunch of bros in tank tops drivin thru Manhattan blastin the joint wit CHILDISH GAMBINO out of a convertible like Ken borrowed Barbie's car and invited all da other gigolos for a joy ride.

*** Now some ppl might say DR. DRE fits the bill of da Wilsonian studio nutcase, but who actually like the shits he makin these days?  He's makin Yes records.

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