Tuesday, July 14, 2015


As the immortal Godfather III line goes, "What's the deal with getting pulled back in when you think you're out?"  Told myself there was no way I was gonna listen to a tape of SHY GLIZZY and his weed carriers*.  But seeing as "From The Get Go" has been on repeat all day, I'm wondering if I'm depriving myself of the kind of insolent bangers that got me into Glizzy in the first place.

Between my fondness for Glizzy and PEEDI, I have a certain weakness for the kind of antic helium-heads that others find grating.  There ain't many socially redeeming qualities to Glizzy's schtick, but he would probably tell C. Dolores Tucker the same thing PAC did.  He raps for those who wear jeans with jean shirts, and those of us too pussy to try; those who tote extendos, and those who gawk from the sidelines.  The video contains some very rare and rugged footage of Glizzy rapping on a shopping cart and flossing his Pit like a sentient accoutrement.  Modern street rap didn't know it needed a Larry Lifeless**.  Then Glizzy came along.

* Goo Glizzy one-ups the entire history of WCs by literally carrying a bag of weed @1:57.
** Kilslug comparison © The Martorialist. From an Upsidedown Cross blurb: "Mr. Larry Lifeless is a supremely strange character. He's sleazy, filthy, always drunk and high on something, and is seemingly borderline retarded."


  1. Ain't gonna lie, I'm still very proud of myself for tricking 300+ people into listening to a Kilslug song on Audiomack by tagging it as unreleased Shy Glizzy.

  2. Real criticism right there.