Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Graffiti ain't an element of rap music.  Some of its pioneers say it ain't even an element of hip-hop. My formulation is that hip-hop is an element of graffiti, but that don't clear up shit if rap music is an element of hip-hop.  Disputed taxonomy aside, Style Wars is easily a top 25 documentary, and remains essential viewing for anyone interested in the era that produced this Thing we love so much.

Certain questions remain.  How did the mild-mannered Dez become the eternally agitated KAY SLAY?  Will "Zephyr & I" be on the next Streetsweeper tape?  If, as legend has it, Cap worked in a bakery during this time, does that mean he was frosting dainty cakes in between terrorizing New York's most elite mass transit vandals?  Was Kase2 sent from the future?  And was Min referring to the swoop on Cap's "a" or his actual hair when clowning his "Lucille Ball haircut?"

IDK, but I do know that u can cop some original stickers from Min for $25.  Perfect stocking stuffers for the documentary aficionados in your life, spesh if u lost the eBay auction for a feeding tube from Titicut Follies.


  1. Peep this pic of Keith Grayson in full on transitional mode between his Dez and Kay Slay personas. Plaid turn ups are the 5th dimension or sumfink.

  2. Those cuffs are rather fresh. Keith really needs to drop a memoir. The Dez and Kay Slay eras are enough for their own books, and he could finally clarify those wilderness hustling years where he metamorphosed into the Drama King. Strikes me as a lowkey version of the Zev -> DOOM origins story.