Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This been out for a minute, and I still feel as ambivalent as I did before it got the video treatment.  Gunplay sound good over Mustard beats, but wit YG on the track it's more like he a guest at the table, like Gunplay made some killer pastrami on rye but YG brought a proprietary blend of mustard, and so Gunplay feels conflicted about the whole thing.  He can't take full credit for how delicious the sandwiches are because YG's proprietary blend of whole-grain mustard is integral to its successful bouquet of flavors.  He sittin at Mustard's kid's table like white people at a Lord Jamar potluck.

Got another quibble with the video.  At the end Gunplay runs over the hood of a po-lice cruiser like he been possessed by the ghost of Dan Bucci.  The cop draws his gun and stands flatfooted like Otto Porter on Tony Snell, looking on as Gunplay gives the Crown Vic the business end of his Chucks and disappears into the wind.  This makes no sense.  Maybe it would be socially irresponsible to show Gunplay taking two plugs to the back - or livin up to his name and blastin caps - but rap has never been about social responsibility.

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